Mobile key

Last-gen access system
Open your entrance hall, door, auto barrier and gate from your phone.

Keys to your entrance hall

Keys to auto barrier

Keys to engineering room

Keys to gate

The most advanced mobile intercom system of the 21st century

Provide your mobile key to your family, relatives, friends or housekeepers from your smartphone. 
 You can provide or recall access to your key in one click.

Get into the hall in one click or open the door remotely even if you are on holiday or in a different area.

Simply download the mobile app here and book a free installation.

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Your keys now on vacation

mobile key

Easy to install

Can be installed at any doors, gates and auto barriers.

Easy to manage

Open your entrance hall, auto barrier, lobby, office, engineering room or warehouse doors in one click.

Multi access

Provide permanent or temporary access to your family, guests or employees. The number of keys is not limited. Recall access whenever necessary or provide limited access for one day only

Voice door opening

Відкриття дверей голосом

Place your phone over the lock

Remote opening

Open the doors even if you are overseas

Віддалене відкриття

Open by calling

You can open the door by giving a call if you have no Internet connection or if your balance is zero

Відкриття по дзвінку


Save your time, travel charges, and costs of hiring a concierge



5 times cheaper than an intercom. 15 times cheaper than cutting and buying keys

Promotes safety

The system tracks key provision, door openings, and stores the owner’s data. Only the responsible admin can provide access to the key and track its usage.

If you lose an ordinary key, it can be misused by a 3rd party. A phone with a mobile key is protected by a password or a Face ID/ fingerprint scanner.

Підвищує безпеку

App admin

Manages all keys from a smartphone and can hand out/ recall keys in a couple of clicks. Manage your keys and receive ones from other OMO users.

How to open a door from
a smartphone
alt text

Guest key

When you invite your friends, family or visitors, use an option to send a guest key and set its parameters on your own.

Auto barrier

To open a barrier, you don’t need to call, drive closely to it or open your car window to place a card. Just go to the OMO app and click on a button.

alt text


To get into a building in one click or open a door remotely as well as to learn when a door is opened, wherever you are.

It gives you an opportunity to track your employees, household and technical maintenance staff or learn when your kid is back home.


With OMO, you can control the number of doors available to your family members, friends, household staff, maintenance people or employees (including the door opening times).

Remote opening

OMO mobile key installed at remote facilities makes it easier to manage and does not require being in-person to open a building.

Away from home

You can leave on a business trip, vacation or be in a different part of the city and still provide door access wherever you are so that you don’t have to come and hand the key over.

Forget about any inconveniences

No need to carry a bunch of keys, hand it over in-person or worrying about leaving it somewhere, breaking or losing it.

OMO. Your mobile key!

Free app

Trial period – for 30 days

Then: just 5 UAN/month

(you are only paying for the system support)

1 key

More about payment

Trial period – for 30 days

Then: only 5 UAN/month – one mobile key.

Minimal fee for your convenience.

1 key

The payment is done on a monthly basis once 30 days of service usage elapse.

Trial period 30 days commencing upon mobile key installation.

Every key owner can hand out a key to another user. The fee for each key provided – 3 UAN /month (charged to a user who has received the key*).

*You may choose to pay for a user whom you have sent the key.

You can pay the service fee by card.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Video guide - Video

How to establish a network for homes and start using services

“Ecosystem of smart space of the XXI century!” заблокирована Ecosystem of smart space of the XXI century!

OMO mobile assistant access system in apartment buildings

Presentation of the 21st Century Smart Space Ecosystem

How to connect sensors to the OMO system

OMO ecosystem benefits

Vadim Sidorenko about an additional earnings model for providers and installers

Delete Mobile Key

Registration in the OMO application

Install Leak Sensor

Permanent Key Distribution

OMO Mobile Application Overview

Camcorder installation

Motion Sensor Installation

Installing the door/window open sensor

Temporary key distribution

Password recovery

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What our clients have to say

An easy and modern way to get to the entrance hall. To read Maria Zadornaya quotes symbol
An easy and modern way to get to the entrance hall.

An easy and modern way to get to the entrance hall.

‘Old intercoms are so out of fashion. Having a key in your phone in incredibly convenient! Now I can provide access to my friends and family when they come to visit me or open the door for my son if he left his keys at home. And I don’t have to be at home. You should have seen the look on my neighbors’ faces when I opened the hallway door without a key. I should probably tell them the trick!)’

Now the courtyard belongs to the house residents only. To read Sofia Yankevskaya quotes symbol
Now the courtyard belongs to the house residents only.

No more strangers in the courtyard, and enough parking lots for the residents 

‘Our courtyard turned into a giant courtyard. Anyone could drive in, which resulted in both residents’ and strangers’ cars being parked. Sometimes it was impossible to pass through the yard. We tried solving the issue with the concierge and the building managers, and nothing helped. Then, we installed our own auto barrier with a mobile OMO key. And we finally won our yard back! Now we can open the auto barrier, the hallway, the attic or the basement whenever we need to. We provide temporary keys to our guests, delivery people or maintenance engineers and not some outsiders’.

I no longer spend time searching for keys in my handbag To read Alexandra Karskaya quotes symbol
I no longer spend time searching for keys in my handbag

The solution for my home. To read Ivan Koval quotes symbol
The solution for my home.

Our service became better. To read Andrey Grigoriev quotes symbol
Our service became better.

Saving my time. To read Mikhail Volyk quotes symbol
Saving my time.

I have installed the OMO key and can open anything without leaving my car To read Bogdan Morozenko quotes symbol
I have installed the OMO key and can open anything without leaving my car

Mobile key for UAH 5 per month

makes your life more comfortable!

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OMO is a new generation of mobile apps combining devices, detectors and video cameras from different suppliers into a single management system on your phone.

OMO enables you to set automated device operation scenarios based on your needs and manage them wherever you are.

OMO assistant easily adjusts to any of your household and business needs.

OMO makes your life easier and lets you worry less, enjoy the comfort, protect your belongings from being stolen, destroyed by a flood or a fire, saves your time and money.
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